Friday, July 5, 2013

Every Task Completed is One Day Closer to the Return of The Beast

Figure 25 - Whole new stuffing
Figure 26 - All filters mounted
on bulkhead
Figure 27 - New thru hulls for raw
water and galley sink
Figure 30 - Making the harness
look pretty

Figure 28 - Old buss works

Figure 29 - New Stainless C-17 Prop Shaft
Figure 31 - Fiberglassing the Heat Exhaust

Figure 32 - Old Stainless Steel Muffler

Andy worked for years in the aerospace and defense industry and knew all about the benefits of heat retention by wrapping things in fiberglass.

Figure 33
Carbon muffler and new exhaust hose
Figure 34 - The Beast Overhauled and ready
for a test run.  Note the filters simulated on bulkhead

After The Beast was pulled a variety of projects dependent on The Beast not being home were accomplished including fresh BIN primer all around.  These took us past the July 4th weekend to complete.