Saturday, August 23, 2014

Hawaii Five-Oh - LUAU TIME!

Enjoying the summer sailing. Frogging around with keeping things clean, Engine was leaking some fluids and repaired that. Took time off to enjoy the remarkable July winds we are having in the Northern Chesapeake.  Not only once with a  PhD friend of mine, but also a second time with my wife, we took a single tack all the way to Poole's Island - that's over 20 miles. Unheard of around these parts.
Figure 55
Pineapple Burgers are yummy

Our membership is really good at volunteering time to help support the Club.  Friendships are started and welded together through the struggles of just maintaining stuff.  Our members can join a number of committees at their liking: Grounds, Waterfront and Docks, Moorings, Constitution, Education, Entertainment, House, Maintenance are the main ones.  We
need a Strategic Planning Committee.  I am working on that
for 2015.

Anyhow, we had a big turnout at the Club, Lots of Pineapple Burgers and the day finished off with a great touch.  It's nice to just kick back and enjoy good surroundings, good people and good food and drink.  It was a Chessy day!

The view below is overlooking our mooring field.  All told we have about 60-70 boats moored during the season.

Figure 56
Our Rear Commodore's boat moored right next to the Constance Marie.