Saturday, June 6, 2015

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Figure 101 - motoring to the yard

Figure 100 - A Captain's decision

It was five days later and a cool gloomy day. My oldest son would call this kind of day a "Hartford Day".  I felt like Admiral Halsey that day. I had to take the Constance Marie to the boat yard for repairs.  Kind of like the USS Enterprise after taking on Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto's fleet the first time "in the slot".  It was a day of mixed emotions knowing that sailing season was well in progress.
Figure 102 - De-masting begins

Figure 103 - Does it hurt?
Figure 104 - Walking the mast.
Figure 105 - Don's Cash Cow
It was a rainy cool day for June.  Don't crew had the mast down inside an hour from start to finish.
Figure 106 - Grabing hold

Figure 108 - It's done

Figure 107 - Putting the mast on the dolly

Figure 109 - YIKES! The main halyard was ready to snap!