Saturday, May 23, 2015

Queen Constance Marie, Her Carriage, Driven By A True Prince To The Chesapeake Ball

The big day has finally arrived!  Launch day 2015.  Off the hard of land and into the soft of water.  The old girl is officially in her 35th season of a rendezvous with her best friend, Chessie.  

Figure 96 - Gently my Prince
Figure 97 - Robert is one of our best drivers
It's a special feeling when your boat hits the water, then you check for leaks, and you signal the launch crew....NO LEAKS!

Most landlubbers do not realize the skill it takes to drive one of our boats into the water.  Just off to the port side of that rear traveler wheel is a "hole" that if it is hit, tests the very strength of our cables and straps and oh yeah, the driver.  Being on the dock as the Captain watching your boat jerk about a foot, tests any Captain's nervous system.

Figure 98 -  Good-bye Copper.  Hello Chessie