Saturday, October 24, 2015

End of the Season - Out of the Water, Midnight?

The rest of September and October were days of 1 and 2 hour sailing after work.  With all the chores around the house to get ready for winter (cutting tall grasses, splitting wood for next season, painting decks, landscaping mulch, pruning trees, blah, blah, blah), I could not find the time to gunk hole with anybody. I coordinated with one of our drivers, Greg and set a time to haul the Constance Marie out of the water.

I had to return first to the boatyard and de-mast again for the winter to re do the wiring throughout the boat. It just wasn't the way I wanted it.  The haul-out day came, but the tide on the river did not. Wind blowing the wrong way along with the Tetrad (blood moon) Lunar Eclipse reversing the high tide of from day into night made it impossible to haul out during the day. So.......

Five guys showed up around 2300 hours to help me haul-out the boat.  It was a Thursday.  Can you imagine.  The folks we have around the Club are beyond terrific.

Figure 159 - We need 4'6
Figure 160 - We got her at 4'8"
Figure 161 - Medium to front, Long to back
Figure 162- Watch out for that hole on the port side of the ramp

Figure 163 - Easy now, that's it
Figure 164 - The mast looks like the Constance Marie is sticking its tongue out at the Chessie telling her that I got the best of you again this year.