Friday, July 4, 2014

A Midsummer Nights Dream

Figure 54
Going to a dual battery ACR
enabled system
We put the Constance Marie in the water mid-June. It's starting to get really hot out.  Weather forecasts for June shows that this will be a more windy month than usual.

ACR stands for Automatic Charging Relay.  I wanted to upgrade from one battery to two.  The ACR automatically combines battery banks when charging and isolates the batteries  when discharging.  The start isolation  option protects electronics on board from voltage sags and spikes during engine cranking.

The ACR has two load connectors on its back panel.  "A" connector goes to the positive terminal of the Starting battery and "B" connector goes to the positive terminal of the House battery. Both batteries' negative terminals get connected to a common bus bar.  A 2 amp fuse is between the House Battery and the ACR and between the ACR and the Start Key Switch.