Monday, August 24, 2015

Constantly Missing Dink

Figure 130 - New fiberglass, epoxy and paint

If you remember back on September 2014, the Club undertook its annual "Down The Bay" cruise.  Not having a VHS radio on board, I was limited to the range of a hand held.  It was inevitable that the Constance Marie would separate from the fleet and so it did.  Upon rejoining the fleet, it was dubbed, the Constantly Missing. Well I thought I would create a testimonial to that term of endearment.

Figure 131 - A Walker Bay Raised From The Dead
I went out to the back of the yard behind the Maintenance building and began roaming around the "graveyard" of dinghys.  You will find Walker Bays, Water Quest tenders, Buoy Yatch, PS7s, and those I can't identify.

You can see that the Constantly Missing is a Walker Bay that I found snuggled under some brush.  Dirty, needed some patching and a whole bunch new paint.

Figure 132 - She will serve the Club for many years

Figure 133 - Looking good.
Even managed to put matching boat stripes on her to show everybody she is the daughter of the Constance Marie.

It took about three days to re-work her.  When I put the 2.5hp Yammie on her, the stern was barely three inches above the waterline.  I use the Constantly Missing to row out to the Constance Marie on calm days.  It's good exercise and the peace that passes understanding is usually my companion.