Monday, July 15, 2013

The Beast Within

I call the engine The Beast but frankly, the Constance Marie, carrying the name of Mom, is an angel.  Little by little this angel is getting Her wings back.  With Andy's supervision, Reese and I manned the block and tackle and hoisted the mighty 10hp 2 cylinder (ok guys stop laughing, I am an old school guy.  If I wanted a dragster with 18hp or more I would have converted to nitro-methane).  Cruising is cruising.  Racing is racing.  Currents are currents.  Wind is wind.  I am not worried about changing out the engine because Dennis The Wise told me that "SAILING AND SCHEDULES DON'T MIX" so why be in a hurry going from Point A to Point B. 

Figure 35 - The Beast back home
Later on we cut the raw water hose and put in a raw water filter mounting it below the antifreeze overflow container.  You can see the fiberglass wrapping at the end of the radiator and above the heat exchanger.  The custom fit on the elbows leading into the carbon muffler on the other side of the painted bulkhead meant we did not have to have a support to secure the muffler as did the old stainless steel which is where is rusted through.  Given this is a closed system, we made sure that the loop in the exhaust hose met specifications for water and diesel discharge.  Although not seen, the Coast Guard required placards were remounted along with the Westerbeke engine sign.