Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother May I?

Figure 51
Frayed lines on the Main Sail Sheet
Last year I noticed that the main sail sheet was frayed and so I decided to replace it now.  The "traveler" system on the Constance Marie is rather unique.  Unlike most boat with tiller setups, the Constance Marie  does not use a traditional horizontal traveler.  As you can see in Figure 51, the main sail sheath system is pretty cool.  40 feet of 1/2 inch line. The Constance Marie is outfitted with Schaefer vangs, and blocks.  I prefer Schaefer because they are durable, reliable and moderately priced compared to its competition.  

You can see just below the block to the far left, the frayed sheet.  This system is meant to control the angle of the mainsail so that you can maximize the wind efficiently. I have no interference moving around and the galley entrance is not incumbered with a horizontal traveler like so many other boats are designed. Way to go Mr. Cherubini!  The Hunter 27 is a very easy boat to sail.  My wife is just over 5 five feet and she skippers the boat as well as I do working the Genoa and Main Sail sheets.