Saturday, May 2, 2015

She May Be A Cruiser, But She Looks Like A Racer

I heard about YC-17 racing paint.  It dries a copper color on the hard, but when placed in water, it turns the color that is listed on the can.  In this case a dark blue gray. Figure 87 below shows you how the rudder looked with three coats of YC-17 on it.

Figure 87

For a 35 year old boat, the Constance Marie's hull is in excellent condition.  It took about an hour to do each of the three coats over the course of four days.

Figure 88
Being that the Constance Marie is moored in fresh water near the top of the Chesapeake Bay, I did not apply any barrier coating.  We will see how we prevail over the course of the season with our cruising plans and look for barnacles in the fall when we haul out.